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  • News, CVE, Podcast Episodes and MITRE ATT&CK

  • Custom feeds that filter for your IT environment and cyber toolset

  • Export to Slack, Teams, email and social media

  • Permanent workspaces to save related content: Log4J and Solarwinds

  • Import threat intelligence and other feeds

  • Future: STIG, Social Media, Substack, SBOM and others

  • Future: Best practices, prediction markets, project marketplace, job boards

  • Future: Enterprise Teams management and collaboration tools

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“I log on to The Security Bulldog every day. It helps me scan everything out there and tipped me off on a serious thing to flag for the team. We issued a flash notice (an emergency notice to our customers and analysts) about CVE-2022-1388, a critical remote code execution vulnerability found in F5’s BIG-IP systems, so they could protect themselves or mitigate it. It's already part of my threat intelligence process.

- Threat intelligence Researcher, Managed Security Services Provider

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