Security Teams are Wasting Time

I don’t know if you saw this article that appeared in Dark Reading by Ericka Chickowski. It’s related to the issues we talk about here at The Security Bulldog.

3 Places Security Teams Are Wasting Time

A great quote: "Approximately 58% of security decision-makers agree that machine learning and AI should help make the job of security professionals easier in the future."

One of the first subscribers to The Security Bulldog noticed that once she had set up her profile, she became much more productive.

"I log on to The Security Bulldog every day." It helps me scan everything out there and tipped me off on a serious thing to flag. It's already part of my threat intelligence process."

The Security Bulldog is powered by machine learning technology that has been trained for a year to find connections among unstructured cybersecurity information. Currently, we have news, CVEs, MITRE ATT&CK, and podcasts.

Setting up your account will create custom feeds for your IT environment and the cyber tools you and your team use.

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