CISO Tradecraft Podcast- 178 – Cyber Threat Intelligence with Jeff Majka & Andrew Dutton

In this episode of CISO Tradecraft, hosts G Mark Hardy and guests Jeff Majka and Andrew Dutton discuss the vital role of cyber threat intelligence in cybersecurity.

They explore how Security Bulldog's AI-powered platform helps enterprise cybersecurity teams efficiently remediate vulnerabilities by processing vast quantities of data, thereby saving time and enhancing productivity. The conversation covers the importance of diverse threat intelligence sources, including open-source intelligence and insider threat awareness, and the strategic value of AI in analyzing and prioritizing data to manage cybersecurity risks effectively.

The discussion also touches on the challenges and potentials of AI in cybersecurity, including the risks of data poisoning and the ongoing battle between offensive and defensive cyber operations.

The Security Bulldog lowers the cost and time needed to remediate vulnerabilities for enterprise cybersecurity teams using a proprietary AI-powered intelligence platform.

Cyber teams are so overwhelmed that they don’t have time to save time as they struggle with the same problem: they wake up in the morning and spend two to three hours to find out what broke, does it affects them, and, if it does, how to fix it.

Our proprietary natural language processing engine processes and presents the data they need in a human friendly way to reduce cognitive burden, improve decision making, and quicken remediation.

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